Pumping Station/Splashing Pool

Pumping Station/Splashing Pool.

Situated adjacent to the NW corner of No 6 and the NE corner of No 4 tanks. Check site map in ‘Marsh Locations’ category.

Some years ago I recall one of the original old time birders telling me a tale about when the ringing group caught an Aquatic Warbler and how he in turn was ‘caught’ speeding in Frodsham en route to see the bird.

The remains of the old Pumping Station has long gone and unfortunately so as the reedbed that held the Aquatic.  So today nothing is left of the tarmac road that led to the pumping station and is submerged under several feet of water and is the haunt of many diving duck and Little Grebe.

The area was considered  redundant by birders from  the early nineties during the development of the new No 6 tank, until Steve and Gill Barber found a fine Great Grey Shrike albeit briefly here. Things shifted a gear on 16th May 1996 when Gary Bellingham discovered Cheshire’s first drake Lesser Scaup on the ‘Splashing Pool’.

Notes from the day. Notes and image by WSM

The late Martin Gilbert whiled away his mis-spent youth on the marsh and often called the pumping station pool ‘The Splashing Pool’.  So, it’s always stuck with me and many other locals and we often refer to it as the ‘Splashing Pool’. We can only presume he called it so because it was always an area of safety for preening and moulting ducks away from shooting on the ‘Score’.

Although often overlooked from the neck-jarring drive around the tank. It is always worth a look and one day may reward your patience. That’s what Gary did and it paid back well.

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