11.06.12. Birdlog (Falco subbuteo v England)

11.06.12. Birdlog.

After watching the European Championship match draw between England v France. I wanted a bit of extra time with my football so, I popped down to Frodsham Marsh and watched subbuteo…Falco instead! A 1st summer Hobby was honing its hunting skills by frightening the post breeding/juvenile Starling flocks over No 6 tank.

4 Avocet on No 6 tank and the (lucistic) Black-headed Gull that Paul Crawley had seen last week. This gull reappeared tonight and I managed this digi-shot through my scope.

Additional, birds worthy of note were 2 Great Crested Grebe, 9 (drake) Pochard and 76 Tufted Duck on the Weaver Estuary. The RND failed to be located and may at last have left the area?  200 Swifts were low flying over the estuary as the sun was setting.

…and for a tenuous link to Nature Notes #4 is this image of Starlings picking off the Spindle Ermine Moth caterpillars from the top of the infected shrub.

View of the Weaver Estuary from the causeway at Redwall Reedbed.

Images by WSM