Nature Notes #4

08.06.12. Nature Notes #4.

As promised an update on the Spindle Ermine Moth invasion. Met Roger Wilkinson this evening whilst watching the Ring-necked Duck and he put me right on the Identification of the Moth. I have included an image from the infected bushes on No 6 tank. The white areas are silk spun by the catapillars.

Image by WSM.

09.06.12. Birdlog (RND Day 6)

The Ring-necked Duck is still viewable from No 6 tank today. Also present were 2 Avocet, 3 male Pochard, 40 Tufted Duck, 25 Gadwall, 67 Shelduck and 23 Mute Swan. The Black-headed Gull colony attracted 3 (1st summer) Mediterranean Gulls which spent time loafing around preening. Two Peregrines were viewable from both Helsby and the tall I.C.I chimney at Weston Point. A Little Egret tried to avoid detection (if that is possible) by flying low over the southern bank of No 6 tank, A Cuckoo was watched several times. Wader wise the high tide just brought in a handful of Dunlin.

Two of Frodshams regular ‘patchers’ looking a little bashful. Paul Crawley (left) and Arthur Harrison (right).

Pictured below the three (1 st summer) Mediterranean Gulls preening and roosting up in the Black-headed Gull colony on No 6 tank.

All images by WSM.

07.06.12. Birdlog (Hobby pair and prey)

Mark Payne put me on to this link from flickr and it’s worth sharing.

Check out these Hobby pictures taken in the rain on Thursday. On the track to the bend, prey item is a Swift. Graham Clarkson and Frank Whitney are the observers/photographers.

..or view two of the five images below.