06.06.12. Birdlog (RND Day 3)

06.06.12. Birdlog

Ring-necked Duck located asleep with c50 Tufted Duck; 4 male and 1 female Pochard;.25 Mute Swan

Curlew Sandpiper (partial summer) on No 6 tank with 8 Dunlin, 1 (summer adult) Little Stint and 20 Ringed Plovers. A male Marsh Harrier flew over the M56 bridge at Marsh Lane and disappeared over No 5 tank.

Observer: Mark Payne, WSM

Received an email from Phil Woollen regarding the aging of the RND. I did consider the age of this bird at the time of the find because of the undeveloped bill pattern. Obviously Phil had the same idea. I have included his images and his comments for your consideration.

Phil’s comments and images:

See pics attached. It threw me a bit as I was expecting a full adult summer plumaged male but I think this bird is just entering eclipse or a 1st summer male.


The bill pattern is quite faint but it is there.

  • The flanks aren’t pristine grey but flecked with brown.
  • Wing bar is a bit disconcerting  – not all one colour but not white as per Tufted Duck.
  • One photo shows clearly the chestnut collar which gives the bird its name.

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