To Hale and Back

Hale Lighthouse lays across and to the north of Frodsham Marsh on the banks of the River Mersey.

Hale is watched over by a handful of observers including Rob Cockbain (who was watching birds at Frodsham Marsh long before most), he can now be found scouring the hedgerows and mudflats there. A lot of the birds that migrant across the river both north and south,  cross over here and at several points at Frodsham Marsh (see below). Highlights have included Honey Buzzard, Osprey, Hawfinch, and Blue-headed Wagtail. So, for the best advantage/stand point/ position be at the north-east corner of No 4 tank, and  given enough time and the right weather conditions you should be rewarded for your efforts.

Just give me a call when you find it first!

Image by WSM

05.06.12. Birdlog (RND Relocated)

05.06.12. Birdlog.

Ring-necked Duck relocated on the Weaver Bend with 200 Tufted Ducks at 14.40 hrs. by KD and MT. A drake Wigeon and a pair of Pochard were on No 6 tank. Also present there are two hybrid Ruddy/Cape/Common Shelduck.

6 Avocets on No 6 tank.

Hobby this morning and  in the afternoon hunting low flying Swifts over No 4 tank.

3 Yellow Wagtail on and over Lordship Marsh.

If anyone has better images of the RND can you send them to me and I’ll  blog it?

Observers: WSM, Sparky, F Duff, Kenny Dummigan, Mark Turner and Mark Payne.

04.06.12. Nature Notes #3

A walk along the edge of No 4 tank produced a carpet of fine Southern Marsh Orchids in flower.

Image by WSM.

Dusk along No 6 tank was well worth missing all the celebrations elsewhere. A Badger crossing the upper path followed shortly after by two Fox cubs playing tag on the track and holding up myself and Frank Duff  from leaving the marsh.