17 & 18.05.12. Birdlog (Garganey)

Garganey (drake) image by WSM

It’s that man again…Received a text from Paul C about a Garganey he had found on No 6 tank. When I eventually arrived Paul and Mark Payne were exiting stage right. Nevermind, I found the bird in situ feeding along the margins of the flooded pool (see site image below). Managed a few record shots of the bird. Also present were 3 Black-tailed Godwits and some cracking views of Ringed Plovers. Hundreds of Swifts were feeding low over the embankments, riding the warm evening breeze. Finally, a Cuckoo was singing from the fence posts on no 5 tank. The Garganey was still present on 18th.

Flooded pool on No 6 tank looking from the west. Image by WSM.

15.05.12. Birdlog

Grasshopper Warbler image by WSM

A blustery evening saw Julie and I taking an after work stroll around No 6 tank. Due to the strength of the wind most birds were keeping a low profile. A Peregrine swooped low over the tank but couldn’t muster much interest from the nesting birds and duly departed out to the estuary.75 Black-tailed Godwits huddled together to reduce wind drag. A Cuckoo singing from the fence alongside No 5 tank was notable. A Grasshopper Warbler ‘reeled’ away on the lea side of No 6 tank. We bumped into Frodsham stalwart Arthur Harrison before we departed and enjoyed a quick chat.

Black-tailed Godwit (update)

Received an email today regarding the Black-tailed Godwit featured on a previous post,

Enclosed response from Jenny Gill to my email about this bird.

Dr Jennifer Gill

School of Biological Sciences

University of East Anglia

Web: http://bioweb2.bio.uea.ac.uk/faculty/GillJ.aspx

Hi Bill,

 Very many thanks for reporting this sighting. From the photo, I would say that this bird has YELLOW over LIME GREEN on the right tibia – this makes it a bird ringed in Iceland, but there will also be two rings on the left tibia that we would need to know to be able to identify the individual. Did you happen to see the rings on the left leg at all?
Many thanks,
My reply reads; Unfortunately the images I took did not show the birds other coloured leg rings.
Thanks to Mark Payne and Rich Bonser for links.

One to Watch

There are several favourable sites to watch on Frodsham Marsh. But, one in particular looks really promising as it’s been developing over the last few weeks, The heavy rains we have been experiencing have been slowing flooding the fields. An ideal wetland for feeding Black-tailed Godwits, Tufted Duck and Oystercatcher has been created. The area is located  east from the parking area (and pipes that cross) at the south-east end of No 1 tank. The concrete platform by the white stile next to  the pipes  provide easy viewing over the flooded fields, without disturbing the birds feeding there. Spend a short while here before heading off to the Weaver Bend and it may reap some rewards?

13.05.12. (Red Kite)

Paul Crawley’s image of a Red Kite soaring over No 6 tank at 8.00 am before drifting west. Followed at 10.45 am by texts from Frank Duff and  Paul with news of a female Ring Ouzel along the pipes on No 1 tank (I was low on birding credit and spent the day with my partner). However, I did get time off for good behaviour and duly secured the Ouzel at 5.00 pm, with 32 Wheatear, including some big chunky Greenland forms. Also noted, 42 Black-tailed Godwits, Oystercatcher and 4 pairs of Tufted Duck on the flooded Redwall meadow. Additionally, a Cuckoo was singing nearby.

Observer: WSM.