20.05.12. Birdlog (There she blows!)

Black Swan with 20 Mute Swans on No 6 tank were the highlight .

A sludge pipe burst on No 4 tank this afternoon and sent this blackened Balrog spectre plume 30 ft into the air. I was at work today, but Paul Crawley sent this image and it looks awesome!

One of the side effects of the burst sludge pipe was this …

This event recalls a tale which I remember from the mid eighties…In the days when you needed a pocket full of two pences to use in a phone box. I telephoned former Frodsham  birder Mike Whiteside to tell him about a rare bird at the marsh. After walking miles through Frodsham looking for a telephone box that actually worked. I made the call to Mike’s office and was greeted by his secretary. The message I asked her to pass on to him was, “There’s a Buff-breasted Sandpiper on the I.C.I tank.The message he eventually received was, “There is a burst standpipe at I.C.I. I guess he figured it out, eventually. I have included a photograph of that bird taken and (if memory serves me right) found by Pete Antrobus.

Buff-breasted Sandpiper, I.C.I tank, Frodsham Marsh. 1984. Image by Pete Antrobus.