13.05.12. (Red Kite)

Paul Crawley’s image of a Red Kite soaring over No 6 tank at 8.00 am before drifting west. Followed at 10.45 am by texts from Frank Duff and  Paul with news of a female Ring Ouzel along the pipes on No 1 tank (I was low on birding credit and spent the day with my partner). However, I did get time off for good behaviour and duly secured the Ouzel at 5.00 pm, with 32 Wheatear, including some big chunky Greenland forms. Also noted, 42 Black-tailed Godwits, Oystercatcher and 4 pairs of Tufted Duck on the flooded Redwall meadow. Additionally, a Cuckoo was singing nearby.

Observer: WSM.